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About Tiny Artists

Help your child to become creative and produce their own masterpieces - sign them up NOW.

The school curriculum is so jam packed that children often don't get the time to explore their own creative talents. Tiny Artists aims to give children an opportunity to express themselves in a fun and supportive after school ART club.

All clubs are run by fully qualified, DBS checked Primary School teachers or higher level teaching assistants to ensure excellent tuition and care.

New Class starting at Hockley Primary School, Essex in October 2020!!



What do we do?

Tiny Artists has a theme each week, usually based on a famous artist and his/her work, and each child gets to take home a creative piece every week. We aim to use a range of different materials and give children the opportunity to take their time on a piece of work they can be proud of.

What The Parents Say

I am very lucky to have worked with some amazing children, lovely families and excellent teaching staff. Here are a few examples of the feedback I have received from them

Phoebe organised a whole school art gallery which was beyond outstanding! It engaged all pupils and furthered the children's artistic and literacy skills. Children with low confidence became confident and proud with the celebration of all skills

Having worked with Phoebe for many years it is clear that she has a real passion for creative arts. She translates this passion into exciting, innovative and accessible lessons which inspire all children, regardless of ability, to bring out their inner artist and create their own works of art.

I really like this club, it's my favourite

I like doing things that the professional artists do, like painting our own canvases.

She LOVED Tiny Artists, thank you so much, lovely to see what they are enjoying and creating. I wish art was one of the main subjects on the curriculum! It is so important, but great that you are providing a much needed class to boost their creativity!

I LOVE the kids artwork this week. I love that David Hockney painting and recognised it straight away. I remember when and where I first saw it. They are definitely going up on the wall.