What is Tiny Artists?

Tiny Artists is a fun after-school art club for Primary Age children.

Tiny Artists is an after school art club that provides children with the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity in a fun and relaxed environment. The school day is so jam packed and maths and literacy focussed nowadays that children rarely have the chance to slow down and think about their artistic creations and explore their talents. I began this club so that all children, whether they have particular artistic flair or would just like to examine their creative aptitude, can have the time and encouragement to do so in a supportive environment.

I am always looking to bring ART to MORE children so if you are a teacher looking to scale down your hours or a school wanting to provide quality artistic opportunities for your children then please contact me at phoebefricker@googlemail.com

We aim to:


Improve artistic skills

Experiment with different mediums

Express ourselves

Develop self confidence

Have fun!


As a former Primary School Teacher, I began Tiny Artists as I have a true passion for teaching art and teaching children. The school curriculum is so jam packed that children are not always fully able to express themselves or appreciate and try out a range of artistic techniques in a relaxed and creative environment. Tiny Artists gives children this opportunity: to have fun, take their time and produce some art work to be proud of. I encourage children to begin wherever their ability permits and aim to promote positive self esteem in all pupils, while allowing them to express themselves freely in their artwork.

About Me

I have always been passionate about art and loved creating things as a child. I have many happy memories of creating wonderful pieces of art from my own primary school, and I am so pleased that I am now able to pass this passion on to other primary age children.

My enjoyment for art continued throughout school and led to me taking Art at A Level. After studying a Media degree and working at both IPC Media and The Guardian newspaper, I felt I needed to get back to being creative. Alongside my love of working with children, a Primary School Teacher was a perfect way for me to channel that creativity and get messy making things with my students!

During my five years teaching at Hayes Primary, the latter years were also spent being the Art Co-ordinator. In this time I not only enjoyed planning and teaching exciting, innovative art lessons to my classes but also organised a number of whole school art projects such as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 'Royal Self Portrait' competition, Roald Dahl Book and Arts week, celebrated 'The Big Draw' and took children to Hayes Secondary School for different art activities, set up mini mixed age 'group art schools' based on different artists and many more.

Five years and three children of my own later I have finally been able to fulfil my dream and combine art and teaching children together in the form of Tiny Artists. I truly hope your children benefit from being able to express their creativity, in a more relaxed classroom environment, in which they are given time and support to create some fantastic pieces of work.

Why Choose Tiny Artists

Tiny Artists is an after school art club that provides children with the opportunity to express themselves and their creativity in a fun and relaxed environment.

Encouraging children

I always remind children you can't 'go wrong' in art. Whatever you create is 'yours'. Children do not need to have any prior artistic skills, we just start wherever their ability permits and give them lots of positive encouragement.

Themed Lessons

All activities at Tiny Artists have been carefully thought out and planned for that particular group of children. They all take on a theme, sometimes based on a famous artist from history or sometimes just on an artistic idea that we thought would interest the children.

Passionate Teachers

All the teachers at Tiny Artists are fully qualified primary school teachers and fully DBS checked. They are used to teaching a class of 32 children so are extremely passionate about passing on their creative skills to the smaller groups of Tiny Artists and always aim to give them specialist attention in order to see the children flourish.

Having Fun

The children at Tiny Artists like to have input in the activities we do. We try to include artwork by famous artists as well as topical modern arts and crafts activities that appeal to children. Our aim is to always enjoy what we are creating.

Improve artistic skills

We love seeing the children at Tiny Artists skills naturally improve throughout their time at the club. Although we do give artistic tips and skills, we like to evolve as artists in order to build confidence and over time the children's art work speaks for itself.


Sometimes the school day doesn't always allow for children to achieve their full creative potential. Tiny Artists aims to allow children to take time and use their own ideas in their art work. We are not solely focussed on a 'perfect' finished piece of work but more on the fun in the 'process' of creating

Art Sessions

Each weekly lesson has a theme in which the children create a piece of art to take home. Some themes or pieces may run over 2 or more weeks in order to spend the time and creativity necessary to create something truly wonderful!

Artistic concepts covered range from:

  • Sketching and figure drawing with a variety of mediums such as pencil, pen and ink, chalk and charcoal, pastels.
  • Painting with acrylics, glass painting, sand painting, watercolour painting, use of canvases.
  • Collage with a variety of recyclable materials.
  • Use of clay, mod roc, paper maiche, mosaics.

Example lesson:

  • Physical warm up game focussing on one of the 5 key areas of art: Line, Texture, Shape, Colour or Pattern.
  • Response to a piece of artwork as a stimulus - discussion of ideas and opinions on the piece.
  • Snack time.
  • Create a piece of art inspired by our artist.